Get involved in the revolutionary vehicle security system!

VAMPIRE is an innovative & patented vehicle security system that is technically extremely hard to overcome. Become a VAMPIRE partner!

VAMPIRE is true champion among vehicle security systems because combines electro and mechanical principles in one solution.

No vehicle protected by VAMPIRE has ever been stolen. Bring our product and expertise to your country and start installing VAMPIRE security system.

Vampire Lite

Vampire Lite



Vampire Pro

Vampire Pro

How does the VAMPIRE security system differ from other security systems?

The VAMPIRE security system is based not only on electrical but also mechanical principles. This is why our security system is cutting edge technology. Purely mechanical security systems only slow thieves down, while purely electronic systems only distract them. Thieves can easily overcome both of these systems, which is why neither of them is sufficient.

Why is the VAMPIRE unsurpassable?

The security principle is based on the patented technology of how to protect each vehicle with an unique combination, thus every vehicle uses its own system logic.

Vehicle is 100% protected

What do our partners receive?

If you decide to become our partner, you will enjoy our full support. What does this mean? We will share our expertise with you, supply the security systems and organize your training about how to install the VAMPIRE security system. Training can even take place at your workshop! Besides this, we will translate our website into your language and can also help you to launch a suitable marketing campaign. Since you will belong under the VAMPIRE brand, unsurpassable vehicle security system, you will be able to use our logo, warranty sheets and other materials.

Vehicle protected by VAMPIRE is perfectly secured against all kind of car theft.

It's impossible to start a vehicle that has mounted VAM R1/VAMPIRE even if thief:

Interrupts GPS signal

Changes control unit

Changes ignition switch

Uses illegal duplicate of a car key

Uses different kinds of reading and coding devices

Become a Dealer

Would you like to become a dealer of the innovative vehicle security system that is based on the technology unsurpassed for 20 years? To become a VAMPIRE Dealer, you will be a distributor, manufacturer or installer of a vehicle equipment with appropriately competent technicians. If you are interested in applying to become our dealer, please complete the contact form below and we’ll get back to you shortly. We look forward to future cooperation. VAMPIRE Security is committed to protecting your privacy and information security. We will not share your information with any third party.

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